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Warmly congratulate WEISH Environmental Protection on the title of “Small Technological Innovation Giant Enterprise”

Recently, Guangzhou Weixu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Weixu Environmental Protection”) passed the review with its first-class technology innovation strength and huge market development potential, and won the title of “2016 Guangzhou Innovation Small Giant Enterprise”.

Technology can change the world! Technology has brought new experiences to our life, work and study. In 2010, Weixu Environmental was founded and began to focus on the development and innovation of environmental protection and energy saving technologies, becoming one of the earliest companies involved in energy-saving combustion equipment in China.

According to the "Guangzhou Science and Technology Giants Cultivating Firms Accredited Interim Measures," the requirements for companies participating in the "Small and Technological Giants" appraisal must have strong technological innovation capabilities, and have a rigid R & D investment ratio and growth requirements, must be innovative and dynamic enough Innovative companies with good growth potential and large market potential.

Technological Innovation Little Giant Corporate Certificate

What is Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Giant?

Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Giant Company refers to obtaining core competitiveness through research, production, development, sales, and management through technological innovation, management innovation, service innovation, or model innovation to provide high-tech products and services. Science and technology innovation SMEs with great potential for growth and development. The selection of "Science and Technology Innovation Giant" companies is a comprehensive test of the company's innovative capabilities and independent research and development capabilities. The selection of "Little Giant" companies is a comprehensive test of the company's innovative ability and independent research and development capabilities. In recent years, Weixu Environmental Protection continued to invest in science and technology, R&D, and increased technological innovation to achieve significant results.

Science and technology are primary productive forces. In the future, Weixu Environmental Protection will further increase research and development efforts, continuously improve innovation capabilities and core technologies, focus on research on environmental protection and energy-saving products, and solve practical problems in the industry.

With the guidance of the spirit of the Nineteenth Congress, I think that we, the whole society and all of us, have ushered in a new era. We are welcoming the world, and we must cherish all that we have, for the prosperity of the country, and for Wei Xu to prosper, we do not Forget the heart, remember the mission, and go together on the road of energy saving and environmental protection!

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