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burner becomes the mainstream

Energy-saving burner becomes the mainstream

At present, as long as most of the companies that use natural gas burner equipment are imported equipment, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the domestic combustion engine in the end compared with imported burner equipment?

The gap between domestic equipment and imported equipment comes from two brand burners in Germany and Italy. The service industry is extensive. There are boilers, furnaces, smelting furnaces, road construction machinery and heat treatment industries. As long as the heat-related industrial equipment is used burner. At present, most of the domestic enterprises use imported burners, because the domestic burner industry is in its infancy. The number of burners produced is small and not large-scale.

From the current point of view, domestic burners cannot replace imported burners, and the Chinese market is still more dependent on imported equipment. Imported burner equipment and technology have opened up some distances with domestic production, but its price is not much different from that of domestic equipment. It can be said that the introduction of imported equipment has given certain pressure to domestic combustion engine companies. Imported equipment accounts for 90% of the Chinese market, but the domestic burner manufacturing industry is gradually growing. This is also a hurdle that domestic companies must pass. However, the future market must move closer to domestic equipment and gradually localize.

Energy conservation and environmental protection have become the dominant position. In the future development and design of natural gas burners, they are scientifically designed based on China's environmental protection standards. Environmental protection is mainly reflected in emissions, efficiency, and strong matchability, design is reasonable, in order to achieve a reasonable match in the service industry.

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