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Briefly introduce the classification of vaporizers

Energy-saving liquefied gasifier makes the liquefied gas molecular bond fully vaporized and then burned to achieve the use effect of improving heating value, increasing fire strength, and energy saving and environmental protection. The invention patent of energy-saving liquefied gas gasifier fills the blank of this technology in China. It is simple, easy, scientific, safe, and effective to solve the problem of industrial use in the field of liquefied petroleum gas use for more than 40 years.

The electric heating vaporizer is used in industrial, civil, aerospace, and electronics industries. The role is to convert "liquid gas" into "gaseous gas," thereby effectively saving energy, and is an energy-saving device.

Air-temperature gasifier is a new type of high-efficiency, environment-friendly and energy-saving gasification device that utilizes the characteristics of gas decompression and gasification such as LPG and LNG.

Electric heating water-bath gasifier is a sub-category water-bath gasifier of gasifier, which is a kind of water bath gasifier. The effect is divided into two types: one is a device for heating a liquid gas (such as liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, liquefied petroleum gas, liquefied carbon dioxide, etc.) into a gaseous gas. The other type is a low-temperature gas heater. After the low-temperature gas is electrically heated by the water-bath type vaporizer, the temperature is increased to a desired temperature. Electric heating water bath gasifier is also called electric gasifier, electric heating gasifier, low temperature gas electric heater and so on.

The direct-fired gasifier is a direct combustion medium to obtain the heat required for gasification. It uses an open fire to gasify the liquefied petroleum gas through internal heat exchange, and can be widely used in agriculture and industry, including livestock. Poultry breeding, grain drying, building heating, industrial manufacturing, restaurants, hotels and the shortage of water and electricity, especially in remote, harsh environments such as road construction, bridging, and oil extraction, the advantages of direct-fired gasifiers are obvious. No water is needed and no electricity is needed to light it with a simple turn on button.

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