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Boiler energy efficiency test specification

Boiler energy efficiency test specification

In order to fulfill the regulatory responsibility that the state has given to the integration of special equipment safety and energy conservation, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued the “Administrative Measures on Energy-saving Supervision of Special Equipment for High Energy Consumption” (referred to as “Measures”) in July 2009 to strengthen the Energy-consuming review and supervision of energy-saving special equipment, improving the efficiency of energy use, and promoting energy conservation and consumption reduction. The "Measures" require that not only energy-efficiency tests be performed on special equipment with high energy consumption, but also energy efficiency tests on new products with high energy-consuming special equipment. Boilers are the most special equipment for energy consumption, and they are also large consumers of energy in the entire country. Therefore, standardizing boiler energy efficiency test work is undoubtedly a major event.

The qualification of the test unit needs to be clarified. The "Measures" only require inspection and testing institutions that perform energy efficiency tests on special equipment with high energy consumption to ensure the accuracy of test results. Fairness and retributability are responsible for the test results, but the conditions and qualifications for conducting energy efficiency tests on inspection and testing units are not clear. For this reason, many special equipment inspection and testing institutions have carried out or have already carried out this work. Boiler energy efficiency tests, whether it is hardware requirements, software requirements, or technical knowledge of personnel, are very different from boiler inspection and inspection. Although it has obtained qualifications for boiler inspection and product inspection, it may not be able to perform the boiler energy efficiency test. Now is the market economy, may wish to take the principle of market access and reasonable layout, determine the boiler energy efficiency testing units to prevent excessive, excessive, in order to ensure the accuracy and fairness of the boiler energy efficiency test.

Test methods and items for thermal efficiency of boilers should be unified. At present, China's boiler energy efficiency testing standards are three: GB/T10180-2003 "industrial boiler thermal performance test procedures", GB/T10820-2002 "life boiler thermal efficiency and thermal test methods", GB/T10184-1988 "power station boiler performance test Procedures. The energy efficiency test of boilers can be classified according to industrial boilers and power generation boilers, new boiler products and in-use boilers, and their corresponding test methods and test items are also different. For the energy efficiency test of industrial boilers and domestic boilers in use, according to the current standards, boiler energy efficiency test of less than 20t/h must be conducted using positive balance method and balance method. Saw understanding, most inspection and inspection units in the use of boiler energy efficiency test, because the conditions do not have, only the positive balance method, the results can not reflect the accuracy of boiler energy efficiency. The energy efficiency inspection of high-capacity, high-parameter power generation boilers is a complex task, and the coal consumption of power generation boilers has reached two-thirds of the original coal output, and it is worthy of the name of a large energy consumer. It is of great significance to clarify the methods and projects for energy-efficiency detection of power generation boilers, and to carry out energy efficiency tests and energy-saving supervision of these power plants. The boiler energy efficiency tests conducted in real-life activities are limited to industrial boilers and domestic boilers in use, and the development of energy efficiency test for power generation boilers has not yet been heard. The test methods and test items for energy efficiency of various types of boilers should be unified and clarified, truly reflecting the energy efficiency of the boilers, so as to achieve the purpose of boiler energy conservation supervision.

Specify the effectiveness of the boiler energy efficiency test itself. Boiler energy efficiency test meets the accuracy, fairness, and traceability required by the Measures. The effectiveness of the energy efficiency test itself should be achieved. One is to test the independence of boilers, not to collude with other boilers in soft drinks, smoke, and fuel systems; the second boiler must be in a stable thermal state; and the third is to test that all fuels should be the fuel specified by the design; The load and pressure fluctuation range of the fourth boiler shall meet the requirements; all instruments of the fifth test shall be within the valid period of the verification or calibration. At present, there are many problems in the effectiveness of the boiler thermal efficiency test performed by some detection potentials, especially the scope of compliance, the stabilization time, the steam pressure fluctuation range, and the large differences between all the fuels and design types during the boiler test. The existence of these problems directly affects the effectiveness of the test itself.

The key to standardizing the energy efficiency test of boilers is to speed up the development of relevant standards and standards. At present, although there are some relevant standards and norms in China, one is that the time for promulgation takes a long time, and the contents do not fully adapt to the current situation of China's boilers; second, there are vacancies in some relevant specifications, such as the conditions and qualifications of test units, and the ability of testers. . For this reason, the functional departments responsible for special equipment safety and energy conservation supervision should pay attention to the revision of relevant standards and specifications for energy efficiency testing, speed up the standardization of boiler energy efficiency tests, promote the healthy development of boiler energy efficiency tests, and achieve the purpose of energy conservation supervision.

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