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Ceramic fiber infrared burner

Japan SHOEI ceramic fiber infrared burner

Japan SHOEI ceramic fiber infrared burner, ceramic fiber burner can be made up to 1.7 meters of rectangular seamless combustion surface, in order to achieve high-quality combustion, you can freely choose the heating direction, easy installation. Heating temperature, combustion heat to achieve low nitrogen Oxygen compounds, low carbon monoxide, no hydrogen chloride, etc., very environmentally friendly and energy-saving. The surface temperature can reach 1000 degrees. It is more professional and strong in the textile and paper industry. Wei Xu lights up the company's low-carbon economy and creates value through energy conservation. Wei Xu 4000133168. WEISH metal fiber burner, also known as magic burner, can be customized according to the requirements of corporate customers in a variety of shapes and sizes of burners. It is the only heating burner in the field of combustion that can achieve both infrared and blue flame state. Emissions meet advanced national technical standards.

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