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Shoei AH-80 Hot Air Generator System

Shoei AH-80 Hot Air Generator System

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Japan is the British AH combustion system hot air generator, consists of pipeline-type units, all kinds of safety and control devices are compactly arranged in the unit, in addition to the standard size of the unit, according to the requirements of the user to provide non-standard design. Used in roasters, drying ovens, heating furnaces, and other hot air furnaces. Heat 150,000 kcal to 1 million calories

Feature 1: Combustion is stable. The pre-mixed multi-flame burner is equipped with a unique spoiler. It creates a sensitive and stable flame zone during combustion. This flame zone is not affected by the wind inside the pipeline.

Feature 2: Durability Exceeds similar brand combustion systems and can use stable combustion qualities for up to 10 years.

Feature 3: Safe and reliable, operation automation, use of clean energy natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas combustion.

Feature 4: High-efficiency, energy-saving, fully premixed combustion, mixing and diffusion, forming a short flame in the burner mechanism, can be used in the circulating air duct, installing the fan inlet is very stable and safe.

Applicable to various industrial hot air heat treatment furnaces, heating, drying, roasters, and drying.

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